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The Adventures of Archie Artichoke illustrated chapter books take children to a beautiful garden where a dynamic group of vegetables lives with their engaging leader, Archie. The stories are written to introduce children to veggies in a fun way, but they are more than simple stories about vegetables.


Our books are all written specifically to help children develop their imagination through visual imaging text and dialogue complemented with full-color illustrations. And besides being fun to read, all of our stories have positive messages and are designed to teach children about:


  • Making good decisions;

  • Accomplishing a difficult task and solving problems;

  • Working with others to achieve a common goal;

  • Caring, helping others, friendship;

  • and of course, the names of many important vegetables!


The age group for The Adventures of Archie Artichoke series is between four and nine years old. The stories are designed to be read to a child by a parent or grandparent, and the stories can be read by a child at a third-grade reading level. Many colorful illustrations are placed throughout the stories to enhance their narrative, and most of the stories contain a variety of child-friendly rhymes and songs.


On our website, you’ll find illustrations of the veggie characters suitable for coloring that you can download, as well as audio of Archie’s songs.


Lastly, all of our books are donated to children’s hospitals throughout the United States, and profits generated by the books are shared with children’s hospitals and other healthcare organizations. This desire to help children motivates all of us at Archie Artichoke Books to expand the popularity of our veggie characters.

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